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Air Freight Shipping

No matter the size, as long as it can fit into an airplane, we can ship it for you to/from anywhere in the world in a blink of an eye.  We will find you the fastest and most cost effective solution for all your air shipments. 

* PHOTO:  Air shipments being loaded onto a cargo airplane to South Korea

Ocean Freight Shipping

Whether it be a 1 pallet LCL shipment or a 20 container FCL shipment, we can handle it for you the way you want it.  We always focus on speed, service, and pricing when booking for our clients in order to provide the best optimum solution.  

* PHOTO:  Our visit to the Port of Long Beach with many of our containers on this vessel enroute to various countries such as China & Vietnam

Antique & Furniture Shipping

We can pack & ship antiques or furniture to/from any location.  Our clients range from museums, antique dealers, and furniture distributors.  Hollywood artifacts like the camera that shot "Gone With The Wind" or Thomas Edison's original gramophone antiques have come through our warehouse.  Whatever your case may be, we will work with you to come up with a successful plan.  

* PHOTO:  Antique Automobile we shipped from Chicago, IL to South Korea

Transload / Warehouse  / CFS / Consolidation

We can transload almost anything in our warehouse or store your goods and let us release them to your customers on your schedule.  We can handle anything from pick & pack, automobile loading, and any other warehouse distribution requests so please ask us with any questions you may have.  

* PHOTO:  Portion of our warehouse located in Elk Grove Village, IL  (Chicago)

Specialized Equipment

Do your shipments require specialized equipment like Flat Rack or Open Top containers like this picture shows of one of our clients?  What about temperature sensitive cargo that require refrigerated containers like cheese?  or maybe you need to ship your items quickly by AIR with dry ice?  We can help you through every step for a successful shipment from Point A to Point B.

* PHOTO:  Steel Building parts we shipped from Houston, TX to South America

Oversize/Overweight Cargo

No matter the weight or size, we are here to provide solutions to even complex shipments.  Our team's experience in the field will always get the job done right.   Anything overweight and oversized gets our undivided attention.

* PHOTO:  100,000 LB - Transformer we shipped from Asia to Tacoma, WA 

Wooden Crating & Packing 

Do your shipments require extra packing or crating?  We can crate/pack almost anything so ask us for a quote on your next palletizing, packing, or crating job.  

* PHOTO:  Wooden Crate we built for a sensitive scientific machine being shipped from Chicago, IL to Shanghai, China

Consultation Visits


Our clients approached us and requested we be on site on delivery day.  They wanted the comfort of our staff being on site to take care of any emergency situations just in case.  Everything went smoothly according to plan.  Upon successful delivery we took a picture with our client's customers who were satisfied with our work.  We are here for you so don't be afraid to ask!

* PHOTO:  Final delivery day in Philadelphia, PA with our client's customers.

Extraordinary Cargo

This project came to us with various concerns.  Would the shipment be able to even move on roads due to its weight? How many crew members would this require?  Are permits even possible and would they get approved in time?  No project is too big for us.  

* PHOTO:  405,000 LB - Steam Turbine we shipped from New York to Africa

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